How to earn reward points

Every time you place an order, you’ll earn reward points.



For every £10 spent, you’ll earn 1 point. Each point is worth 50p that can be deducted from future orders.

You will be notified of how many points you have earned when you reach the 'Basket' / 'Checkout' page.



PLEASE NOTE: You must have registered for an account in order to earn reward points.

You can check how many points you have by logging into your account and clicking on the ‘My Rewards’ tab.


How to spend points

You can select the number of points that you wish to apply to your order by ticking the 'Spend Your Points' box on the ‘Checkout’ page.

Move the slider backwards and forwards to select the number of points that you would like to spend. You can also just click on the plus or minus icons.

Alternatively, you can enter the amount in the empty box or tick the checkbox ‘Maximise my discount with points’ to spend all of your points.