How to measure your baby’s feet at home


Choosing the right size shoes can be one of the most difficult tasks, particularly as most brands are sized differently.

We’ve come up with a simple piece of advice that will help ensure that you opt for the correct size.

Rather than getting their feet measured at a local footwear store, do it yourself at home!

Make sure that you have a piece of paper and a ruler or tape measure to hand.

Firstly, find an appropriate room that has a hard flat surface and then stand your little one onto a piece of paper. Make sure that their feet are as flat as possible and not arched.

Then, mark next to their heel and big toe. Take a note of this measurement in centimetres, to the nearest millimetre. It’s really important that you are as accurate as possible.

Now that you have the measurement, use the size guides that are on each of our product pages to help you decide which is the correct size.

Remember that not all brands are made to the same sizing, so be sure to check each style.