Guide to Buying Sandals for Toddlers

Sandals are the go to choice when summer season arrives and a good pair of sandals are the epitome of having your cake and eating it. Your child has the comfort of walking around almost barefoot whilst having the confidence that those tiny feet are protected.

What should I look for in a good pair of sandals, I hear you ask…


When it comes to sandals for your toddler, it’s important they are comfortable as well as being easy to put on and take off (although we’ll caveat that to being easy for you, not your little one!).

Consider the purpose of the sandals before buying. Is your little adventurer going to be running around a lot? Is it for a special occasion? The purpose should dictate the style you ultimately go for, whether it’s a gladiator style, open-toed sandal, closed toe sandal etc.


Breathability is important whether it’s a shoe or sandal. Although sandals by there very nature allow air to flow around the feet, it’s always an added benefit to go with leather sandals. Leather as a material allows air in to cool the feet and also to help stop smelly feet.


We can’t forget style when it comes to finding the right sandals. There’s nothing cuter than tiny baby feet, so stylish sandals are a must, to show off those gorgeous little toes.

The right fit

For the ideal fit for your toddler’s sandal, you should have a little space at the end of the innersole. Make sure you leave a bit of wiggle room to ensure that the heel doesn’t rub at the back of the sandal and to also account for any swelling of the feet because of the hot weather.

Check out our How to Measure page to ensure you get the correct sizing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we have two width fittings with our sandals. Our Borboleta brand is our wider fitting (G/H) sandals and Fofito is our standard (F) width fitting.


So, with the above in mind, here is our quick rundown of the different styles on offer here at Babyshoes:

Boys Sandals

‘Myles’ – Borboleta T-bar Sandals
‘Emilio’ – Fofito Open Sandals

Girls Sandals

‘Dina’ – Borboleta T-bar Sandals with Twin Bows
‘Marina’ – Fofito Open Toe Sandals with Bow


Check out some style inspo from our Insta page