5 signs your child is ready for some new shoes

If you have stumbled across this article then you’ll no doubt be aware of the speed in which children’s feet grow. In some cases children’s feet can grow a whole size in a matter of months, but how do you know if they are ready for the next size up…especially if they can’t tell us.

We have set out below some key signs that your child is ready for the next pair of shoes:

  1. Regular measurements – this may be an obvious one but by far the best way to make sure that you have the correct size shoes for your little one, is to regularly measure your child’s feet. It is worth setting a reminder each month to check the measurements. Typically shoe sizes go up by around 0.6cm.
  2. The little finger test – the common approach for checking the fitting of shoes is to press the toe end and see if there is room for movement. However, our advice is to gently press your child’s foot to the front of the shoe. If you can slide your little finger down the back of the heel then there is enough wiggle room for those little toes. If you are struggling to get your little finger down the back, then now is the time to look for the next size.
  3. Redness/Blisters – a tell tail sign that your baby’s shoes are too small is any redness on the toes or the heel. The bones in a child’s toe are very soft, so if they are cramped by tight fitting shoes, not only will it be visible with blistering and redness, it will also restrict the feet from growing properly and straightening.
  4. Wear and tear – look for signs of wearing on the shoes. Are the soles coming away from the upper section? Are there signs at the toebox (the end of the shoe) that the material is being stretched, as a result of the toes being pressed against them? Is the heel showing signs of wear and tear?
  5. Different development stage – as your child progresses from crawling to cruising and then subsequently walking, more robust shoes are needed. Make sure you get the right shoes for the right occasions. Playing football in open toe sandals for example isn’t the best idea!

If you need any advice on how to measure your child’s feet or sizing advice in relation to any baby shoes on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.