What to wear this Autumn with our Ella Style

It’s amazing how a pair of shoes can really complete an outfit, especially when it comes to our little ones. From a patent boot to the classic pump – we can’t help but melt when we see them!

When we have our heart set on a particular shoe it can be tricky to plan an outfit around it. Today we are featuring our Ella style and giving you some tips on how to build the best outfit for Autumn around them so you can avoid the last minute “What am I going to dress her in today?!”

Our Ella style by Fofito are made with 100% leather with non slip inserts and come in a range of different colours. The buckle and stitched on Daisy detail adds to the shoe, making it the perfect addition to your baby girls Autumn outfit whether it be day or night.

So, if our Ella styles are the must have shoes for your baby girl, here are some Autumn 2015 fashion tips that work wonders with them and will have your little one looking on trend this season.

Day Outfit

If you’re worried about your baby getting cold this Autumn think cords and leggings. Stripe patterns are on trend this season so why not complete the outfit with a plain blouse or t-shirt with a fluffy cardigan to finish. Perhaps our pink or cream Ella shoe will work well? For accessories try a patterned or animal themed beanie, your little one will definitely have the ‘aaawwwwwww’ factor!

View our Pink Ella shoe
View our Cream Ella shoe

Evening Outfit

You can’t go wrong with a cute little dress especially with our patent Ella shoes. This seasons must haves consist of floral and checked patterns aswell as denim and textured materials. Partner the dress with a plain coloured cardigan and some tights. If you’ve chosen black and white striped leggings our patent red Ella shoe will certainly add vibrancy and make the outfit pop.

View our Red Patent Ella shoe

Party Outfit

If you have a birthday celebration coming up and you want your little girl to look chic look for metallic fabrics. A dress with pretty bow or button detailing, tights and our black patent Ella shoes will put your little girl right on trend. She will be the bell of the ball!

View our Black Patent Ella shoe

Our Ella style is quite diverse and will compliment any outfit that you choose. Remember to have fun whilst dressing and accessorising your baby. We hope what we have given you help with your Autumn outfits this year and if you have your own ideas please send us your photos!


View our complete Ella Style