The Rise of the Mummy Influencers


We joined the ever growing Instagram community back in 2014 and set up our business page @babyshoesuk. If we’re being honest, we had absolutely no clue what we were doing back then and 5 years on we still find it difficult to keep up to date with what seems like monthly changes implemented by Facebook/Instagram, ranging from the introduction of Instagram stories to sponsored adverts. We try not to get ourselves too concerned with these changes and embrace them where we feel comfortable, but what we do struggle to grasp is exactly what people want to see on our page…is it just product based posts? do people want to see cute pictures of children in our shoes? or do people just go to Instagram for advice and guidance. If anyone reading this post has any suggestions, we’d be interested to hear from you.

A lot of people have suggested we bring in an online marketing company to help us develop our social media presence and although it’s tempting to leave this to a professional, our concern is that the brand image that we want to portray and the tone of voice we want adopt with our followers will just not be the same as if we were handling this ourselves. We’re hoping at some stage that Babyshoes will be in a position to recruit someone full time or even part time over the next year or two and at this point we can help impress upon that person exactly how we want to come across to our customers. Until that point, I’m afraid you’ll just have to put up with two brothers trying to get in to the mindset of a mummy.

Right…let’s switch attention to the focal point of our blog today, which is the rise of the Mummy Influencer.

Over the last couple of years there’s been a huge increase of followers for InstaMums who chronicle their own and their families lives on social media. These mummy influencers are honest, funny and incredibly creative and in a world where reality tv stars are held out as celebrities, it seems fitting that we now have a platform for mums and dads to garner attention for the great work that they are doing raising a family.

With the above in mind we thought we’d share some mums who you may have heard about and are very hot on Instagram right now:

@mrshinchhome – 2.6M followers

@mother_of_daughters – 656k followers

@theunmumsymum – 368k follower

@mother_pukka – 213k followers

@scummymummies – 105k followers

Before we get inundated with comments from people saying “what about the father’s out there?”…here’s a couple of InstaDad’s who are also doing great things:

@father_of_daughters – 1M followers

@papa_pukka – 46.3k followers


*follower figures provided at the date of publishing this article