Signs your baby is ready for shoes

Watching your baby take those first important steps is a very special moment for both you and your little one. The hands up in the air, the wobbly steps, the wide smile of accomplishment is something that you wish you could bottle.

However, just because your baby has started to walk doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy their first pair of shoes (and that is coming from a shoe retailer!).

Babies are born with thousands of nerve endings in the soles of their feet, so it’s important that at least during the initial cruising/walking stages, that they remain barefoot so they can feel the floor and develop there sense of balance and coordination.

So, when should you start your baby shoe collection I hear you ask!

The simple answer to this is that every one is different and you may decide that you want to buy pre-walker shoes as soon as they’re born, just because, well, they’re incredibly cute. But be clear that pre-walker shoes are purely a fashion accessory and do not aid your baby’s ability to walk.

When your little adventurer is walking unaided for a large majority of the day, we would suggest that this is the moment that you should start looking in to buying their first pair of first-walkers. Again, don’t feel pressured to following convention and sticking shoes on your little one immediately…it’s not a one size fits all situation.

If you are looking for any guidance on what type of shoes to buy, when to buy and what size to go for, feel free to contact us.