How To Prevent Your Baby From Getting Sick Over Winter

Winter is a prime time for viruses to spread and with your baby’s immune system still developing there’s a high risk that they could catch a cold.

It pays to know how to tackle germs so here are some tips to help prevent your baby from getting sick in the coming winter months.

Wash your hands regularly

To prevent cold and flu germs from spreading make sure to wash your baby’s hands regularly, especially before eating, when they return from nursery or playing outdoors. It’s important that you wash your hands regularly too as you could pass something on to your little one. Remember to wash your hands after you’ve changed their nappy, before feeding time and when you’ve wiped their runny nose. If you keep on top of washing hands regularly you’ll increase the chances of avoiding a cold this winter.

Limit their exposure

One of the best ways to protect your baby this winter is to limit their exposure. If you’re out and about with friends and family and someone has a cold try to stay at least 6 feet away from them, this way there’s enough distance to prevent your baby from catching the cold.


Another way of preventing your baby from getting a cold is to make sure they are up to date with their flu jabs and receive one every year once they are 6 months old. Make sure you’re up to date with your jabs too!

Wrap up

There’s nothing wrong with taking your baby out when it’s cold as long as you keep them wrapped up. Babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature as well as adults which can result in them loosing heat quickly. Dress your little one with layers so you can add or remove them to control their temperature.

Eat Well

Healthy foods can boost your children’s immune system. Well balanced meals with a mix of fruit and vegetables will ensure they get the right vitamins and minerals to give their bodies the energy to stay healthy.

Plenty of sleep

Sleep can benefit all of us. It gives our bodies the time to rest and recuperate for the day ahead so make sure your little one gets the right amount of sleep. 7 hours is the recommended amount of time for a restful sleep but for babies it’s between 10-13 hours combined throughout the day and night. Rest up and kick the germs to the kirb!

We hope you find what we have shared useful. If you have any suggestions of your own please share them with us by leaving your comments below.

photo credit: Natáhnout se a odpočívat 🙂 via photopin (license)