Bonfire Night: Important Safety Tips for your Baby

Bonfire night is one of the most exciting nights of the year for any family to get together and watch the night sky light up with bright colours and sparkles.

Whether you’re venturing out to a display or you’re having the family round, make sure your night goes off with a bang by swatting up on these important safety tips.

First Things First… The Basics

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust a firework can reach speeds of around 150mph and a sparkler can reach temperatures of up to 2,000°C!

It’s in everyones interest that you are aware of the following basic safety tips:

• Keep your children at a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks
• Always follow the instructions on the box for lighting the fireworks
• Never return to a lit firework
• Keep fireworks from an open flame
• Never throw fireworks
• Keep fireworks in a closed metal box
• Always hold sparklers at arms length and wear gloves
• Never hold babies or children whilst your holding a sparkler
• Don’t give sparklers to children under 5 years old
• Never run with a sparkler
• Don’t wave a sparkler near someone
• Once a sparkler has gone out put it in a bucket of water

For more safety information about fireworks, bonfires and sparklers please visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s website.

Protect your babies ears

Whilst fireworks are fun to watch they also give off very loud bangs. Your babies ears are very sensitive to loud noises so here are some tips on how to prevent hearing damage for your baby.

• If you’re at home keep your baby indoors and let them watch through the window. This way they can enjoy the colours and sparkles whilst being protected from the noise.
• If you’re at a display have your baby wear ear muffs. These will also protect their ears from the cold.
• If the display is still too loud watch the fireworks from the comfort of your car.

Keep your baby at a safe distance from the heat and fireworks

At any firework display there are always safety ropes in place to prevent anybody getting too close. If you’re at home you need to have your own safety restrictions in place. If you have a small garden keep your children indoors and let them watch through a window whilst one of the adults sets of the fireworks, this way they can enjoy the fireworks and you can relax and know your baby is safe. If you’re near a bonfire don’t let your baby get too close as the heat can be uncomfortable. Keep checking the temperature of their cheeks, if you think they are too warm move back.

Have your baby with you at all times

We know that you wouldn’t leave your baby unattended but it’s more important than ever to have them with you at all times on bonfire night. If you need to attend to the food or you need a bathroom break make sure you pass your baby over to a reliable and familiar adult.

Keep your baby away from sparklers

Your baby will most definitely love the flickering bright lights of sparklers but you need to remember that they are a dangerous hazard to children under the age of 5. Keep your little one at a safe distance away from anyone with a sparkler. Make sure other children and adults around you are aware of the dangers. If you’re super anxious keep your baby indoors and let them watch through a window.

There’s no reason why bonfire night can’t be fun filled if you follow these important safety tips. We hope you all have a fabulous night and please feel free to share your photos with us on Twitter (@BabyShoesUK) and Instagram (@BabyShoesUK). We’d love to see them!

photo credit: 4th of July 2010 via photopin (license)