Baby Girls Autumn Fashion Trends 2015

Now that Autumn is here to stay it’s important to have a good wardrobe that will keep your baby girl warm and cozy as well as looking on trend this Autumn. We understand you all face questions like ‘Is this dress suitable?’ and ‘Will she be warm enough?‘ which is why we’ve written this blog to help you and your baby girl this season.

From comfortable snowsuits to adorable dresses and slogan tops we’ll cover the trends that will set your baby girl apart from others this Autumn.


As the weather turns colder make sure you’re baby girl is ready for outdoor adventures with the latest snowsuit and coat trends. This season we will see the introduction of assorted prints, floral patterns and block colouring, not to mention bold and vibrant colours. To keep your baby warm and snug choose padded snowsuits and coats and for that extra something special look for added details like bows, toggles, ears and faux fur to ensure your baby girl looks on trend this Autumn.


A dress can speak a thousand words so make sure your baby girl is prepped for any occasion this Autumn. If the sun is shining and you’ve planned a nice walk choose long sleeved cotton dresses to keep your baby warm. This seasons casual dresses see a mixture of floral patterns, polka dots, stripes and animal prints. If you have a special occasion coming up like a party or a christening look for silk and lace dresses and to add a touch of elegance look for embroidered patterns and rose buds. From bold and vibrant colours to pastel pinks and yellows this seasons baby girl dress trend will have your little one looking extra girly!


If you’re out and about and the sun is shining but you still want to make sure your baby girl is warm opt for a cardigan. This seasons trends see block colours, stripes, textures and even hoods with ears! If you’re out for a special occasion go for a classy cashmere cardigan over a silk or lace dress. To finish of your baby girls day look opt for a classic cardigan or perhaps a character cardigan with hood and ears.


This seasons tops for baby girls consist of slogan and animal t-shirts as well as pastel colours and floral patterns. For leggings look for stripes, pastel colours and checked and bold floral patterns. Why not partner a slogan t-shirt with some pastel pink leggings for a day out at the zoo? Or perhaps a long sleeve plain embroidered detailed top with some floral leggings for a birthday celebration?

If your baby girl is fashion ready for this Autumn we’d love to see your photos! Share them with us on Twitter (@BabyShoesUK) or Instagram (@BabyShoesUK) and use the hashtag #BabyFashion. Looking forward to seeing them!

photo credit: Birthday shoot via photopin (license)