5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Babies Clothing Looking New

Now that your baby has arrived I bet you didn’t think you’d be doing so much washing? Whether it be your babies clothes, bed linen or even your own clothes, it can be tricky to get rid of stubborn stains and have your clothes looking brand new after each wash.

We’ve collated some tips to help you new Mums and Dads keep your babies wardrobe looking and feeling fresh.

1. Pre-wash all your babies clothing

Many clothes and linen are sprayed with chemicals before they are shipped to keep them looking new and unwrinkled so it is essential that you wash all baby clothing before they are warn to prevent irritation. Choose a non-bio detergent to wash your babies clothes and linen with as they are designed to be kind to sensitive skin. Skip the use of fabric softeners for clothing and linen as they can reduce the effectiveness of flame retardancy on baby fabrics. If you’re worried your babies clothing wont feel soft add a small amount of white vinegar to your wash, this keeps the fabric just as soft.

2. Treating stains

After the first few days of parenthood you begin to understand that everything that your baby comes in to contact with can create stains on their clothing. From oils, lotions, formula, vegetables and fruit, these are a few things that can sometimes be difficult to remove once stained.

If your baby spills something on their clothing immediately rinse the clothing underneath cold water, this will help the stain from setting. Soak the item of clothing for 30 minutes in a bowl of warm water with stain remover. Once the item has soaked put it in the washing machine with other garments on a full wash.

If you’re trying to remove food stains a powder based stain remover works better than liquid. Remember, do not dry the item of clothing until you are happy that the stain has been removed.

3. Wash clothes in-side out

To prevent colour run and wear and tear make sure to wash all your babies clothing in-side out. As you can imagine your clothes go through a lot in a washing machine so it’s best that the inside of the clothing bears the brunt. Washing clothes this way will also prevent sequins, beads and buttons from falling off!

4. Air dry clothing

To keep your babies clothing looking new air dry them rather than tumble dry. Dryers can over heat clothing which can damage fabrics and can sometimes cause the clothes to loose shape. Hang your babies clothing outside on a fresh sunny day or even inside on a maiden if the weather isn’t too good. If you still prefer to use a dryer make sure you hang, fold and put your clothes away once the cycle has finished as wrinkles can set in when clothes are left in a heap to cool.

5. Mend any rips or tears

If you notice a rip or tear in your babies clothing mend it before putting it in the wash. This will prevent further damage to the clothing. If you notice there are holes in the clothing make sure all zips on jackets and jeans are done up as these could be the culprit of creating the holes.

If your babies trousers are looking a little frayed at the bottom take your babies trousers up to prevent them from rubbing on the floor. You can always remove the stitching to lengthen the leg again once they’ve grown.

If you have tips of your own to keep your babies clothing looking new please comment below or share them with us on Facebook!

Happy Washing.

photo credit: Rainbow via photopin (license)