Trade Enquiries

Why choose us?

Because we offer a very bespoke service to our retailers. We appreciate that you might not have the requisite market knowledge, so we have an advisor on hand to talk you through what would be the correct way of making those very important first steps in business.

What about the shoes themselves I hear you ask - well we source all our shoes from both Portugal and Spain and we have done so for over 25 years. We have tried numerous manufacturers in a number of countries, but found the quality of the continental shoes to be far beyond anything else that is produced and sold in the UK.


We appreciate that local individuality is vital to our retailers and so we have a geographical policy in place to make sure that we do not have any conflict with our stockists.

We not only offer geographical individuality but also product individuality. Our manufacturers are able to produce any design you want, so if you have a design in mind and can put it down on paper, they can make it. This is a very unique selling point to any retailer.

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