Let’s get Leathered!

Let’s get leathered!
We’ve been using leather materials for our baby shoes for over 35 years now and we thought it would only be right to dedicate an article to this beautifully elegant material and discuss all things leather. So, let’s get leathered…

What are the benefits?
We asked our factories to test the quality of a number of different materials when we first started in the baby shoe industry; PU Leather (PU outer, leather lined) and plastic. Both of these materials are easily accessible and also very cheap. However, the reality was that these materials didn’t even come close to matching the benefits of using real leather. So, although there is an added expense and difficulty in sourcing, we made the decision that all of our baby shoes would be manufactured using leather…the finest leather in fact!

Podiatrists (foot doctors J) have recommend leather shoes for children for many reasons, with the main one being that they allow the feet to breath, which enables them to develop naturally. Synthetic materials, such as PU and plastic do not provide natural air flow through the material and can often make the insides of the shoes clammy.

We ensure that all of our shoes are made using high quality leather so that we can provide the best support and comfort for your little ones feet.

How can you tell if it’s real?
It can be quite difficult to determine whether something is real or faux leather, as they look very similar. Real leather is very durable and will last a lifetime compared to cheaper alternatives. Every pair of shoes must have a mark printed on the inside, stating what the materiel is (as shown in the image below). Look at the cut edges of the material, and you’ll notice that they are rough, whereas, faux leather has perfect looking edges. You used to be able to smell the item and if it had a distinctive leather smell then you knew it was real. However, these days the smell has been reproduced in a spray and used on faux leather products.

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